Best Tools To Keep The Drains Clean And Clear

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A blocked drain might not ruin the day for you, but it can actually put a damper on it, even throw off your schedule and need a phone call to your local Plumber Anthem if plunger does not get the work done. Prevention is the best practice to keep your drains clean, clear, and freely flowing.

You can find lots of DIY tips for plumbing and the simplest often is the most efficient. Keep reading and know about the simple tools that will help you to keep your drains free of restraint of blockages from hair, debris, and soap that can clog the drain pipes.

Hair Catchers
Catching out hair and other waste before it even goes down in the bathroom sink could be tricky as the stopper protrude from bottom of basin. Intended to fit the protrusion water drop, the hair catchers let water pass through without any interruption while catching your hair and other things that may block your drains. Available on Internet and in grocers, they come in diverse sizes, designs, and are one among the simplest DIY tips. Their minimum cost can have maximum effect by avoiding a blocked drain in the bathroom basin.

Beard Trimming Mat for Clean Cut
Leaving mess in your sink after trimming beard can cause many problems. Beard hair can block the drain and even can create mess on the top of your vanity. One among the cleverest DIY plumbing tips here is a beard trimming mat. It’s a big cloth sheet intended just for those people with beards. It can easily stick to mirror, with suction cup, and drape over the counters and sink catching your hair when you trim the beard. It makes trimmings simple to dispose of, as well.

Catching Shower Hair
Hair can easily go down more in the shower drains than bathroom sink and in case you stop that from doing so, then it will assist you keep your drain clean and clear. An ingenious small tool called shower drains catcher grabs the hair and avoids it from going downward in the drain and blocking it. It is simple to install and it’ll assist keep your shower drains clear of any hair and other filth that may stop water from flowing. This does need that you carefully clean it in 3-4 months and removing hair, which it’ll have trapped. You might find comparable products at the local hardware store which will serve same purpose.

Brush your Hair Prior to you Shower
Sounds very simple, right? Brushing the hair prior to you shower will easily remove most loose hair that will otherwise get trapped in shower drains, and block your pipes. When blended with shampoo, razor caps, soap, and other things, you can create a clog which will need more than plunger to simply break it loose as well as free your pipes. One among the DIY tips for plumbing that will actually cost you nothing, but a few extra seconds prior to showering, and can even save you large bucks whenever you follow this specific practice.

Keep it Green by Recycling
All the above DIY tips for plumbing are quite inexpensive. Below are a few clever methods that you won’t need to spend your dime by reusing the household items which you have already. Many household products can be easily used to avoid hair from going downward in your drains. Utilized dryer sheets can easily be placed over shower drains or sinks to catch soap and hair particles. After you have finished showering, toss sheet and you are done.


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